Breath of Wind


Description: 2 channel digital video and audio installation
Exhibition mode: Option 1: One large screen projection and one large LCD screen. Option 2: Two x LCD screens. Looped. Non-synchronous. Stereo audio, mixed source.
Media details: HD 1920 x 1080. Ratio: 16:9
Total length: 16 minutes

17 hot air balloons and a brass band.

"Soon after a move to Beachhaven on Auckland's North Shore in 1987, I was abruptly woken one early Sunday morning by a mysteriously loud blast of air above the house, and then another, and clambered out onto the deck to witness an enormous hotair balloon hovering above me, the morning stillness punctuated by intermittent blasts of fiery hot air. I had a vision then of musicians in balloon baskets slowly drifting like a drone-cloud through the blue azure." - PD

Installation Shot: Breath of Wind


A Phil Dadson project videoed in collaboration with the Levin Brass band (24 musicians) and the NZ hot-air balloon fraternity

Produced in association with Television Spaceman for New Artland a TVNZ arts programme (2008) and later premiered as a two-screen, stand-alone video installation 

Selected Exhibitions: Te Tuhi Centre for the Arts, Auckland (2011); 9 Dragon Heads symposium in Sarajevo (2009)