Celebration Day


The artwork employs a loose narrative structure that repeats, or seems to repeat itself several times within the broader loop. Functioning as a suggestive sequence of events without a beginning or end, the viewer may enter the piece at any moment and not know when to leave. This uncertainty speaks to the content of the script, which considers a relationship between two people who seem doomed to exist in eternal limbo, the middle part where resolution does not seem possible. A man and a woman are sitting together in a restaurant; the conversation is strained, each character speaking one sentence at a time in a manner that recalls the worst moments in a life that is tired and unmotivated. Sparks of joy still exist between the couple, though they are short lived and fall prey to an ugly display of victim/punisher power dynamics; the man and woman are terrible stereotypes of their respective genders. However, the synthetic nature of the script and performance reveals an absurdity in the communication, pointing towards the systems of convention that may be seen to govern their behavior. The characters are flesh and image, though they are ultimately displaced as examples of real humans. As a false representation of reality employing distanciation, ‘Celebration Day’ allows for an examination of type with little prospect for emotional payoff. The conversation at the dinner table is juxtaposed with a series of establishing shots, rendered as close ups, that describe the various uses of water in the environment outside. As a sequence of compositions accompanied by a soundtrack, they function as both a disturbing narrative intrusion and an entity unto themselves. As found objects, the water installations take on a sculptural form that is at times utilised as a fantasy of aspiration, and at other times, as a meditative backdrop to life in the suburbs. - SG


Feat. Emilie Sabath and Christopher Gordon Camera: Travers Jacobs Sound recording: Stella Ahn Direction, editing, sound design and sound mix: Sean Grattan