Desert Tomb (Atacama)


A single channel video. One in a triad of works made in an isolated gorge in the Valle de Luna region of the Atacama desert, northern Chile.

"The gravity of reality, grave of dreams. Shot in Atacama, Chile. Next to the Dry Valleys of Antarctica, one of the driest places on the planet. Desert Tomb imagery was shot in and around clay cliffs on the edge of the central Atacama where rainfall is a rarity, but when it does, it storms, sculpts the barren hills and floods the desert fringe with silt & mud that the following drought dries and cracks into a deep mosaic of salt encrusted red earth, silent & haunting." - PD

This work is discussed in an essay by Lance Pearce, 2014. 


Sound track: Bamboo-barrelzitherimher invented & performed by Phil Dadson, recorded by John Kim.