Donald And Marlene


"Like a bad romance movie from the 1950s, Donald and Marlene peddles in sexist stereotypes that quickly reveal their discriminatory shortcomings. Donald might be a knowledgeable fan of experimental ‘structural’ films, or he might just be doing what he’s told. Marlene lacks agency, but she’s doubtful there’s much else going on beneath the surface. A slippage occurs as their argument about the movie being watched bleeds into an acknowledgment of the video that is simultaneously being made. Surfaces beget surfaces, as a subtle implication of audience desire dissipates out of the car windows." - Artist Statement


Director / Editor / Sound Designer / Sound Mixer: Sean Grattan
Actors: Gabby Trigo-McIntyre and Jared Januschka
Camera: Joseph Pedi
Assistant Director: Arpita Kumar
Lighting: Jae Bum Park
Sound Recordist: Will Orellana