Donald And Marlene


A boy and girl sit inside a car at a stark, unpopulated drive-in movie theatre. The entertainment on offer is monotonous and un-dynamic, causing a minor conflict between the two characters, who clearly have different motivations for being in the car. An innocuous loop emerges as the analysis of the movie being watched bleeds into an acknowledgment of the video that is simultaneously being made. This video marks the first point in Grattan’s work where a traditional script is utilised as a producer of content on equal terms with the machinations of the camera and the edit. This can be seen partly as the result of his move to California, and also as an indication of a desire to directly address a subject with words. “I think this one is really cute, like a bad romance movie where the characters are fans of so-called ‘structural’ films. The only problem is that there is no real subject matter to speak of, save for the performance of the commonly acknowledged pop philosophy that reality is a construction. – text supplied by the artist


Feat. Gabby Trigo-McIntyre and Jared Januschka Camera: Joseph Pedi Sound recording: Will Orellana Direction, editing, sound design and sound mix: Sean Grattan