Erewhon (Trailer)


Description: Single channel digital video and sound projection
Media Details: DCP, HDCam, Blu-Ray, HD. Full length 92 minutes
Exhibition Mode: Cinema 

Synopsis: Shot over two years in New Zealand, Australia, and India, Erewhon is Gavin Hipkins’ first feature-length film and is an experimental adaptation of Samuel Butler’s anonymously published 1872 novel Erewhon: or, over the range. An anagram of the word ‘nowhere’, Erewhon has been described as a utopian satire, and Butler's poetic meditations on industrial society and colonialism remain a timely reflection on contemporary society and our technological dependencies. Calling on Butler’s strategies of inversions and reversals in the essay film genre, Erewhon charts the narrator’s journey from a Canterbury high country sheep farms to a fictional society where vegetarianism is the law and machines are banished for fear of their becoming conscious.

Erewhon premiered at the New Zealand International Film Festival and Edinburgh Art Festival in 2014.

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Artist: Gavin Hipkins
Narrator: Mia Blake
Music: Rachel Shearer
Sound: Ben Sinclair and Chris Todd
Dialogue Editor: Chris Todd