Eye I Aye


"Now in their forties, Dida and Erana have lived on the streets in Manurewa since they were ten years old. They have been a couple since they were fifteen and now have two children. Into their twenties they were a handsome couple. Everyday they can be seen outside Southmall on the Great South Road, Erana working away at her scratchies and Dida monitoring all the buses travelling between Papakura, Manurewa East, Wattle Downs and Weymouth to and from the city, Botany and Manukau. I decided to record them on 'their' seat outside the roast beef shop. On the day of filming, however, they never turned up, so I filmed the seat anyway. After completing shooting and breaking down my equipment Dida and Erana miraculously appeared so I got a quick hand-held shot of them. It is obvious that they did not want to be filmed. Council subsequently removed their seat so now they often sit on shop frontages. (Dida once told me that many years earlier the Paul Holmes television programme and wanted to do a segment on Dida and Erana but were discouraged from doing so by the Manurewa Police)." - MR