Ivy Blue


"This moving-image art project explores psychological dimensions of the social, sexual, and spatial interactions that pervade everyday life. Through a reorientation of the spectator’s encounter with images of the mundane, the project attempts to amplify questions about the psychological interplay between the subject depicted, the site of performance, and how the work unfolds in interaction with the viewer. By working in the space between the ideal, the real, and the fantastical, an ambiguous other emerges. The work investigates a different type of rhythm – one that un-notices the everyday act, whilst drawing out the psychic dimensions that surround it. By amplifying this rhythm, the work aims for a moment of silent rupture: a moment that continuously fails to arrive, and is continuously diverted. This on-going promise of imminent rupture creates unease about how a familiar space has become unfamiliar – some ‘other’ space.” - AP