Looking At You With Contempt


"An intimate opening scene of tender camera work that carefully follows a young woman getting ready for work slowly gives way to something more sinister. Looking At You With Contempt has a shape shifting structure that keeps the audience at a distance, offering only elusive clues as to the cause of the protagonist’s distress" - text supplied by the artist

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Director / Writer / Editor / Producer: Sean Grattan
Actors: Virginia Frankovich, Michael Morris, Poppy Martinengo, Marco Liguori, Anna Reid, Sandeep Khurana, Shanez Aaron
Cinematographer / Color Grader: Brice Varan
Camera Assistant: Sandeep Khurana
Boom Operator: Jonathan Huston
Production Assistant: Shannon Te Ao
Virginia’s Assistant: Shanez Aaron
Makeup Artist: Georgina Brett
Caterer: Anna Gardner
Original Score: Nicholas Rogan