More of Less Rubbish


More of less rubbish is an attempt to figure out whether my art practice has meaning, or whether its just rubbish. It's an attempt to ask this of art in general. What are we doing, and why, and whats the point? There is a funny, unspoken but uncannily intimate relationship with Arts' role in our world and the way we treat some materials (materials WE created) as useless junk. The only energy we invest in it is to remove it from sight - a practice familiar to artists and the jobs to “beautify” places we’re often assigned. More of less rubbish is an attempt to challenge this assignment. To challenge the premise that the removal of the unwanted should even be considered beautiful, and to challenge the unwanted designation all together." - Artist Statement

More of less rubbish (2017) is a silent single-take anamorphic 16mm film shot on discarded B&W film stock.