Pillows (installation documentation)


"A tired fan clicks round and round and round. The repetition of this fills in some sound that is otherwise not there, a low hum of limbo. There is a desk with a thick sheaf of papers quivering on it, perhaps agitated by the fan or an open window somewhere, and what looks like ledgers stacked in rows. Maybe because they are recognisably designed for human interaction and human habits, uninhabited objects often look so self-conscious in their dormancy. They are just waiting. Me, too. The emptiness signals to some industriousness that has not yet eventuated. Its arrival is anticipated though, and so Pillows feels full of drowsy potential— like the idea of rousing oneself in the yawning stretch of afternoon to go for a walk or run— a turning point in the day. In this office, which I think is in a printing factory in Cambodia, the clack-clack of office sounds could begin again at any moment, the end to a dizzy paper lullaby." - Jane Wallace

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Commissioned by Asian Film Archive for State of Motion 2020: Rushes of Time

Made with support from Asian Film Archive, NTU CCA Singapore and Creative New Zealand