Red Session, Stent Rd, Taranaki, Aotearoa NZ, 29 Jan 2009


Compilation/Demonstration from one of four video-channels

"Red Sessions were a series of 3 surfing performance art/video projects by Alex Monteith held at Taranaki surf breaks in Aotearoa NZ in Jan/Feb 2009.

Surfers at Stent Rd point -break, Taranaki, were asked to wear a red rash vest for the duration of their free-surf. This clip is a compilation of surfers' rides at the point break where up to 25 surfers wore the red project rash-vests. Note: the Actual artwork has no edits. This clip is one of the four, end-to-end, video channels that are presented as part of a 4-channel video installation. This clip is an action compile of waves ridden by each surfer during the performance, however the video installation artwork has no cuts / is real time." - AM


Alex Monteith