Sadie Wrestling


Originally conceived as just another moment for the family video archive, Sadie wrestling documents a mock wrestling bout between Galloway and his 6-month old daughter Sadie. Galloway’s wife manoeuvres the camera. Around this time Galloway received a gift from friend Gerrard McCarthy; a commissioned song by cult US musician Jad Fair detailing aspects of Galloway’s newfound fatherhood. The song provides the soundtrack. The video presents father daughter bonding, wary of the epochal context; our medias love affair with stories of paedophilia. The video challenges the viewer to know the difference.


Bryce Galloway with
Camera: Jakki Newton
Music: Sadie May Galloway by Jad Fair (commissioned by Gerrard McCarthy)
Performers: Bryce Galloway and Sadie Galloway
Technical support: Mike Heynes