Description: single channel, 2-in-1 screen digital video 
Exhibition mode: one wall-mounted LCD screen (gallery, looped)
Media details: HD 1920 x 1080 digital file. Ratio 16:9, stereo audio

Free-style sonic cycling, creating soundlines around and through the streets and airwaves of New Brighton (Christchurch). One in a series of community art actions, commissioned by Letting Space for TEZA (Transitional Economic Zone of Aotearoa), to promote and support post-earthquake recovery in New Brighton during the week of Nov 24 - 30, 2013.

“The notion of sound-in-motion – cycling song-lines and singing cycle lanes – is not quite the usual challenge vocalists or cyclists might face,” Dadson wrote in his appeal for participants. “It is rather an adventure we embark on with no clear outcome other than the shared goal of working together to create an instrument of unified voice and motion. One that leaves its footprint only as an imprint on the locality and on the collective memory and imagination."


Thanks to the participants. Thanks to Teza artists support & to Julian Vares & Mike Peters for audio and camera shots additional to the paired, bicycle-mounted cams. (For more information on Teza & the New Brighton initiatives checkout