The Eight Hours Plan


Originally commissioned by CIRCUIT and Wellington City Council in 2017 for the Wellington, New Zealand public art venue Masons Screen, located in Masons Lane between the commercial and government precincts of Lambton Quay and The Terrace.

"The Eight Hours Plan (2017)...acknowledges the histories of labour, capital, and changing urban design that lie within [Masons Lane]. Fraser celebrates Samuel Parnell, the founder of the eight-hour working day and, in her work, links a memorial and ode to him with images of twenty-first century office life: a keyboard and mouse, filing cabinets, and the commuters’ motorway between Wellington and the Hutt Valley. The video was reminder, to those workers rushing past the screen, of a moment when the familiar structure of the contemporary workday (as extolled in the song Fraser displays: “Eight hours for work, eight hours for play, and eight for sleep excel”) was not a given. The idea of limiting the number of hours a person could legally give to an employer, was, in fact, revolutionary, and a hard won right." - Thomasin Sleigh, from the essay The 24 hours plan: 3 commissions for Masons Screen