The fate of things to come – a conversation with stones (3 screens in 1 version)


"No ordinary stones these, and what better community to discuss the fate of things to come with! A stand-alone installation devised originally for the Kermadec exhibition Lines in the Ocean, a group exhibition in support of the establishment of a protected sanctuary around a region of mostly underwater volcanoes – the Kermadecs – unique eco' area under threat of commercial exploitation, located in the Pacific, north of Aotearoa, New Zealand. Preview 3-in-1-screen version of a three screen, synchronized digital-video / audio installation." - Artist Statement

Description: Three channel digital video and sound installation / Cinema projection (3 screens in 1)
Exhibition Mode: Three wall-mounted LCD screens in a line, or in suspended equilateral formation via screen or projection (as per still frame above). Synchronised. Continuous loop.
Media: Three HD 1920 x 1080 digital files. Ratio: 16:9. Stereo audio from each screen.

Installation Shot: Wynyard Quarter Silo 6, Auckland, 2013.


A song/stones project by Phil Dadson, camera by Bruce Foster, sound recorded by John Kim