The Port (trailer)


Description: Single channel digital video and sound installation 

Exhibition mode: Large projection or LCD flatscreen on continuous loop
. Variable length (looped in gallery formats, 17:24 locked single channel)
Media details: Digital Video (HDCam, Blu Ray, HD formats), 

Synopsis: The Port features the 18th century astronomy instruments, Jantar Mantars, from New Delhi and Jaipur, India. These structures are presented alongside abstracted and naturalistic New Zealand landscape motifs, suburban architecture and street scenes from Auckland's current master-planned community Stonefields. The fragmented and repeated audio montage is taken from passages of H.G. Wells’ 1895 science fiction novella The Time Machine. In the gallery, the sound and image play unsynchronized, their different durations causing an ever-changing relationship between audio and video, creating narrative slippage between image and voiceover. The Port has been described as ‘apocalyptic’ and aims to negotiate a plurality of spaces including utopian urban planning, charting of the solar system, time travel, ecological fragility, the hesitancy of memory, and an uncanniness of revisiting sites.

International Film Festival Rotterdam 2015
The Jewish Museum, New York, 2015
ST PAUL St Gallery, Auckland, May 2014 (including live performance with Torben Tilly and Mia Blake)
This work is discussed by the artist on CIRCUIT Cast 

Artist: Gavin Hipkins
Narrator: Mia Blake
Voice recording: Ben Sinclair