Uncharted Crossing


Description: Single channel digital video and audio installation
Exhibition mode: LCD screen or projection. Optional Loop
Media details: SD digital file. Ratio: 4:3. Stereo audio

The first in an evolving series viewing reality via the trajectory of a canoe-prow, at times inverted to a world-upside-down. 

Originally a video element in Songs For Heroes (SoundWatch festival 1989) later remade as a stand-alone video. Audio from live performance by From Scratch (Neville Hall, James McCarthy, Walter Muller, Phil Dadson) and combines field sound with overtone vocals and choir-like chords of sound produced by a 'jilzira' an invented instrument tribute to artist Jill Scott.


From Scratch Songs for Heroes performers; Neville Hall, James McCarthy, Walter Muller, Phil Dadson. (Recording re-released as a Rattle anniversary re-issue 2011 on Rattle RATD002)

Selected Exhibitions:
Concertina, St Pauls St Gallery, Auckland (2006)
Tapping the Pulse - Philip Dadson works 1971-2004, New Zealand Film Archive, Wellington (2005)
Headlands, Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney (1992)
Videonale, Bonne, Germany (1990)
Imposing Narratives, Wellington City Gallery (1990)

Collection of the Auckland Art Gallery