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  • Symposium: A Genealogy of Moving Image Practice

    Saturday 15 August 2015 9.45am - 4.30pm

    Symposium Registration is $50. Those who pre-register online will be supplied a light lunch and free entry to Six Artists respond to the poetry of Joanna Margaret Paul. Register online here - https://a-genealogy-of-moving-image-practice.lilregie.com

    Given the interdisciplinary strands of influence that inform contemporary moving image practice, what lineages and histories can we call upon to ground and contextualize moving image work in 2015 be it cinema, performance, video, installation and other avant-gardes? Which historical technologies resonate in contemporary practice and why? Why do certain historical projects get reclaimed and on what basis? Why do others get lost? What other kinds of disciplines ground contemporary moving image practice? Are we constantly rediscovering lost histories to explain and inform the circumstances we’re working with today?

    A genealogy of moving image practice is the third annual CIRCUIT symposium, and is presented in association with Elam School of Fine Arts, National Institute of Creative Arts and Industries with support from Creative New Zealand, the Govett-Brewster Art Gallery/Len Lye Foundation, RAMP Gallery and The Audio Foundation.

    This years event brings together speakers from New Zealand, Australia and the United States. Featured international guests include Kathy Geritz, co-editor of Radical Light: Alternative Film and Video in the San Francisco Bay Area 1945-2000.

    This years symposium in informed by a festival of satellite installations, screenings and events which take place in the week leading up to the symposium on 15 August. See Festival link above for details.

    For all other enquiries please email Mark Williams <director@circuit.org.nz>

  • Symposium

    Saturday 15 August 2015 9.45am - 4.30pm

    9.45-10am: Welcome by CIRCUIT Director Mark Williams

    10-10.20am: Jim Allen’s News
    Tina Barton, Mark Harvey and Mark Williams discuss Jim Allen’s News, the installation at Elam Project Space

    10.30-10.50: The renaissance of Joanna Margaret Paul
    Emma Bugden, Nova Paul and Sandy Callister discuss the recent renaissance of interest in the work of Joanna Margaret Paul

    11.00-11.20: Shannon Te Ao
    Shannon Te Ao and Joyce Campbell discuss Te Ao’s practice of engaging with historical material and his use of video and performance to address it

    11.30-11.50: Melanie Oliver - The historiographic turn in contemporary art practice
    What drives artists to retrieve historical materials, events or narratives for their own use? How does the historiographic turn relate to broader shifts in politics, the neoliberal global economy, technology and culture? With reference to Tacita Dean, Alex Martinis Roe and Nicholas Mangan.

    12.00-12.20: Kathy Geritz – Radical Light
    Kathy Geritz (Pacific Film Archive/Berkeley Art Museum) presents an illustrated lecture about the making of the book Radical Light: A History of Bay Area Avant Garde and Experimental Film-making 1945-2000.

    12.20-12.40: Lawrence McDonald – PALeo Neo Video
    Lawrence McDonald presents an illustrated lecture about the exhibition PALeo Neo Video - Chapters from the history of video art in New Zealand 1970s-1990s which was exhibited at the New Zealand Film Archive in 1999.

    12.40-1.00: Framing the archive - Gavin Hipkins, Kathy Geritz and Lawrence McDonald
    Gavin Hipkins leads a discussion with Kathy Geritz and Lawrence MacDonald about the historicisation of artists practice in the particular projects; Why did it occur when it did? Why the timeframes chosen? Did the making of the book/exhibition collect established histories/works/practice, uncover new histories/works/practices, contested histories or all of the above?

    1.00-2.00pm: Lunch

    2.00-2.20: Gabriel White - 10 Items or Less
    In the mid-Nineties American composer Robert Ashley visited Elam as a guest artist. Film-maker Gabriel White will outline Ashley’s experimental language-art operas, discussing Ashley’s work with respect to moving image, avant-gardism and other traditions, and the effect of Ashley’s teaching on his own work.

    2.30-2.50: Sonya Lacey – By Sea
    Sonya Lacey discusses the making of her film By Sea which was commissioned in response to a collection of poetry by Joanna Margaret Paul

    3.00-3.20: Dirk De Bruyn - Communicating History A-Historically
    A paper delivered in tandem with the short film Threshold (Dirk De Bruyn, 20 minutes, 2014), which documents the history and childhood remembrances of the Geelong Waterfront using photographic material gleaned from the Geelong Heritage Centre, the Victorian State Library, the National Film and Sound Archive and Auckland War Memorial Museum alongside Google Maps. 

    3.30-3.45: Andrew Clifford responds

    4:00-4.20 Sean Kerr - Soundtrack without cinema
    In this performative lecture Sean Kerr will talk about how he creates a soundtrack without film. Using a range of old and new technologies Sean often creates a mix of foley sounds using kinetic objects and performative actions as a way to activate or accentuate a gesture/object/thing.


  • Speakers

    Saturday 15 August 2015 9.45am - 4.30pm

    Kathy Geritz
    Programmer, Pacific Film Archive/Berkeley Art Museum, San Francisco

    Dr. Dirk De Bruyn
    Artist / Senior Lecturer at Deakin University, Melbourne

    Christina Barton
    Director, Adam Art Gallery, Wellington 

    Dr. Mark Harvey
    Artist / Senior Lecturer, University of Auckland

    Mark Williams
    Director, CIRCUIT Artist Film and Video Aotearoa New Zealand

    Emma Bugden
    Programmes Manager / Senior Curator, Dowse Art Museum, Wellington

    Dr. Sandy Callister
    Director, PROVIDENCE GROUP, Auckland/Guest Exhibition Curator, Adam Art Gallery, Wellington

    Shannon Te Ao
    Artist / Lecturer, Whiti Rehua School of Art, Massey University

    Joyce Campbell
    Artist / Senior Lecturer, Elam School of Fine Arts, Auckland

    Melanie Oliver
    Director, The Physics Room, Christchurch

    Lawrence McDonald
    Editor, Illusions Magazine, Wellington / Curator, PALeo Neo Video, Chapters from the history of video art in New Zealand, 1970-1990s

    Gavin Hipkins
    Artist / Associate Professor, Elam School of Fine Arts, University of Auckland

    Gabriel White


    Sonya Lacey

    Andrew Clifford
    Director, Te Uru Waitakere Contemporary Gallery

    Sean Kerr
    Artist/Senior Lecturer, Elam School of Fine Arts, University of Auckland

    Nova Paul
    Artist/Senior Lecturer, Auckland University of Technology

  • Festival: A Genealogy of Moving Image Practice

    9-15 August

    Between 9-15 August A genealogy of moving image practice presents 5 exhibitions, a workshop and a premiere of six new cinema commissions. See details below. On Saturday 15 August these projects are the platform for a symposium at Elam School of Fine Arts. To register for the symposium follow this link - https://a-genealogy-of-moving-image-practice.lilregie.com

    Sunday 9 August, 10am-4pm, School of Art + Design, AUT University $40
    Workshop: Developing 16mm/8mm film by hand with Alexander Larose (CAN) 
    PLEASE NOTE: All workshop places have now been filled

    Tuesday 11 August 5.30pm The Audio Foundation

    OPENING: brouillard - Sackville Marshwalk an installation by Alexander Larose (CAN)
    OPENING: Through a Different Lens/Film Work by Joanna Margaret Paul curated by Peter Todd (UK)

    Wednesday 12 August 5.30pm Elam Project Space
    OPENING: Jim Allen’s News
    an installation curated by Mark Williams
     (NZ) with Jim Allen (NZ) and Mark Harvey (NZ)

    Thursday 13 August 6pm Te Uru Waitakere Contemporary Gallery
    OPENING: The Brain 
    an installation curated by Christina Read (NZ/UK)

    Friday 14 August 7pm, Academy Cinema, $10
    SCREENING: Six artists respond to the poetry of Joanna Margaret Paul

    Artists: Rachel Shearer, Sonya Lacey, Nova Paul, Miranda Parkes, Shannon Te Ao and Popular Productions
    Curated by Solomon Nagler (CAN) and Mark Williams (NZ)
    Note: Door Sales only, one screening only  

    Saturday 15 August 9.45am-4.30pm, Elam School of Fine Arts $50
    SYMPOSIUM: A genealogy of moving image practice
    Elam School of Fine Arts, Auckland 

    Saturday 15 August 5.30pm, Trish Clark Gallery
Sound Anatomy
    an installation by Phil Dadson (NZ)

    Saturday 15 August 8pm, The Audio Foundation $10 
    PERFORMANCE: 16mm film and voice
    Dirk de Bruyn (AU) & guests

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