Being Space

Still from The Present Continuuous (2016) by Robyn Jordaan

An installation curated by CIRCUIT Curatorial Intern Priscilla Howe. Featuring work by Robyn Jordaan, Melissa Irving, Sriwhana Spong.

Bodies move back and forth through Masons Lane everyday. Flesh, heartbeats, muscles, bones moving from A to B. The human body plays an important role in this space; keeping it alive, operating it, becoming the space. The spatial conditions influence the body and how it moves within Masons Lane; one leg in front of the other, going up and going down. There is a sensory relationship here, the body activating space and the space activating the body.

Being Space is a sequence of four single channel video works displayed in sequence on Mason's Screen 22 June - 14 September 2017.

Robyn Jordaan, The Present Continuuous 22 June - 20 July
Melissa Irving, Being-here 20 July - 17 August
Sriwhana Spong, Learning Duets / Beach Study 17 August - 14 September

Supported by CIRCUIT and Wellington City Council Public Arts, Masons Screen is a public video art screen situated in Masons Lane, Wellington. The four works in Being Space explore dance, body fluidity and the body’s relationship to space and time. Situated in Masons Lane they represent an interruption to the flow of heavy pedestrian traffic in the bustling Wellington CBD.  

The written and spoken word play a large role in how we interpret and understand the world, yet the body is a sensory organism that possesses a language beyond words. Being Space encourages a new ontology where alternative physicalities and more fluid, abstract modes of communication are equally if not more important than language; exploring the body as something that is constantly performing, negotiating and responding intuitively to space and its surroundings. Through a closer look at dance and more fluid physicalities, we can perhaps gain a deeper understanding of how our bodies operates in space, from which, in turn, we might question our bodily role in society.

Priscilla Howe is the inaugural CIRCUIT Curatorial Intern. She recently completed her Bachelor of Visual Communication Design(Hons) at Massey University where she focussed on Video, Curation and Publication Design. She is an emerging artist heavily inspired by B-Grade movies and experimental music, and works within the intersections of reality vs fiction, abjection, theatricality and performance. Priscilla has been working at CIRCUIT since October 2016. As part of her curatorial internship at CIRCUIT she will present two installation projects in 2017, and related writing.

Sriwhana Spong is represented by Michael Lett.