An installation by Alexandre Larose, presented by CIRCUIT Artist Film and Video Aotearoa New Zealand and The Audio Foundation.

Alexandre Larose’s brouillard (translated as "fog") consists of a single reel of super8mm film which has been exposed multiple times to create a dazzling impressionistic record of a marshside walk in New Brunswick, Canada. Shot over two weeks (and 8 exposures per day), Larose hand-processed the footage which resulted in an accidental under-development. He later blew the sequence up to 16mm in an attempt to reveal more information than what originally appeared on the filmstrip. The resulting imagery is layered with amplified celluloid artifacts.

“Positively virtuosic”—Erika Balsom, Art Forum, 2015.

“… a voluptuously unreal dream zone”—Carson Lund,, 2015

Alexandre Larose is a Canadian experimental filmmaker based in Montreal. His work typically involves mechanical manipulation and re-engineering of the cameras he uses to make his films, as well as through intense image manipulation through optical printing.

In 2016 Larose will be the inaugural CIRCUIT Artist in Residence, when he will complete a new body of work in New Zealand.

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