CIRCUIT Symposium 2016: Phantom Topologies

Poster designed by Callum Devlin, image by Alexandre Larose

How do we situate ourselves in and navigate the globalized world of 2016? What constitutes proximity and distance for artists in the Asia-Pacific region? Where, how and why do artists seek to locate their work in the world now? What psycho-geographical understandings of ‘here' and ‘elsewhere' have historically shaped moving image production in the Asia-Pacific context? How has the experience of exhibiting work elsewhere affected subsequent approaches to production and distribution? Can we ‘carry’ places with us and how do their traces survive translocation? Is this ‘memory’ of place a resource to be tapped by moving-image makers in the present?

CIRCUIT presented its fourth annual symposium, Phantom Topologies, in association with City Gallery Wellington on Saturday 10 September, Wellington. The event was supported by Creative New Zealand, Asia New Zealand Foundation, Canada Council for the Arts, Wellington City Council WARE residency, The Young and the Govett-Brewster Art Gallery/Len Lye Foundation.

From 7–10 September Phantom Topologies was preceded by an Artist’s Week of installations, screenings and events.

Phantom Topologies brought together speakers from New Zealand, the Philippines, the UK and Canada. Presenters included:

  • George Clark (UK)
  • Merv Espina (Ph)
  • Martha Atienza (Ph)
  • Alexandre Larose (Can)
  • Tanya Te Miringa Te Rorarangi Ruka (NZ)
  • Shannon Te Ao (NZ)
  • Gavin Hipkins (NZ)
  • Bridget Reweti (NZ)
  • Dr. Martin Patrick (NZ)
  • Dieneke Jansen (NZ)
  • Paul Janman (NZ)
  • Mark Amery (NZ)
  • John Vea (NZ)
  • Robert Leonard (NZ)