Jim Allen's News

A room lined from floor to ceiling with white paper. At left, a camera operator is shooting a video of the artist Mark Harvey running towards a wall. Mark Harvey is wearing the tattered remains of a costume made entirely of newspaper. The video operator points their camera towards Harvey's feet, which are still covered in newspaper. Still from Jim Allen's News (2014) an exhibition by Jim Allen and Mark Harvey. Commissioned by WINTEC. Curated by Mark Williams.

Jim Allen’s News is a collaboration between Jim Allen and Mark Harvey, curated by Mark Williams with the artists.

The installation presents video documentation of three works by Harvey responding to a performance by Allen entitled News. Originally presented in front of a live audience in 1976, News features Allen engaged in a repeated action which over the course of 15 minutes gradually destroys a broadsheet newspaper.

For Jim Allen’s News, Mark Harvey has performed three works for video, one a re-enactment of the original News which is faithful to Allen’s original intent, and the remaining two works devised by Harvey.

The installation includes photographic documentation of all three works which has been created under the direction of Jim Allen, offering a critical reflection on the documentation of live performance, and creating an ongoing dialogue between the two artists.

Curated by Mark Williams with Jim Allen and Mark Harvey. Jim Allen's News was originally commissioned by WINTEC School of Media Arts, Hamilton and installed at RAMP Gallery in 2014. Jim Allen is represented by Michael Lett.

For more information contact Mark Williams director(at)circuit.org.nz. 

Project Space, Elam School of Fine Art, Auckland 12-16 August 2015
RAMP Gallery, Hamilton 6-28 November 2014 
Blue Oyster Art Gallery, Dunedin, 2016