CIRCUIT presents a live expanded cinema performance by Melbourne experimental film-maker Dirk de Bruyn, with support from Ducklingmonster, and Sarah Jane Blake/Hermione Johnson.

Over a 35-year career, de Bruyn's bracing and immersive work has investigated legacies of trauma and displacement, dealing with the residue of the White Australia policy and his own experience of childhood migration to Australia from Holland. In recent years de Bruyn has presented his hand-drawn 16mm animation films as performances, with de Bruyn manipulating the images live, and accompanying them with a live vocal soundtrack. He returns to Auckland to deliver an expanded cinema performance for 16mm projectors and voice.

Material Damage: Expanded Cinema by Dirk de Bruyn with Ducklingmonster and Sarah Jane Blake/Hermione Johnson is presented by CIRCUIT as the closing event for A Genealogy of Moving Image Practice, a festival and symposium in Auckland, New Zealand.

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