Jo Bragg

And Again (2018)

4 min 8 secSingle channel / Digital Video / Colour / Sound

"Immobilised on the hood of a 1992 Toyota Corolla, with an ex-lover behind the wheel, driving in endless circles, the latest audio-visual work by Aotearoa based multidisciplinary artist Jordana Bragg And Again documents a monumental gesture in service of incapsulating the human condition. “

And again, the sun rose on the next day
When your back is turned, the day does not turn away, always the same
Love is absolution, persecution, ejaculation, always the same”.

Chris Burden’s Trans-fixed (1974) is a point of departure, a critical reference from which to consider And Again (2018). Supervening Burden’s work by 44 years, And Again can (on-condition) be considered an homage. An activation of reverence in service of reconsideration. And Again (2018) seeks not to emulate the power of Burden but to set up a re-positioning, acknowledging geographical and generational disparities, there is a need to consider who is being ‘crucified’ in our contemporary context, and for what. How this operates within new identity politics, with specific regard given where young Māori, feminine and (gender) queer subjects are concerned."

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