Jo Bragg

And in everything there is a double edged sword (A thorn in my side) (2021)

5 min 43 secSingle channel / Digital Video / Colour / Silent

"And in everything there is a double-edged sword (A thorn in my side) is a short video with no sound, accompanied in the installation by a poem of the same title. Pictured in the video are clips of me sitting alone with my back to the camera in my bedroom, clips captured at random while walking, and again, objects sitting (with me) alone in my bedroom. The compilation, and composition of these clips into one short silent video is my way of making ‘something’ out of ‘nothing’. By staging the solitary and the stationary, set within the bedroom and the quietness of this space, I am building this work from a state of inertia. The writing of a love poem after a recent breakup, written in my bedroom during one of Victoria state’s strictly enforced lockdown periods. Thereby the work is addressing the enforced commitments to both isolation and reaching out, proposing connection is at best a double-edged sword, and at worst a thorn in my side."

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