Miranda Bellamy

Avail (2011)

12 min 24 secSingle channel / Digital Video / Colour

"In Avail (2011) Bellamy takes a metaphorical microscope to activity on the margin - and reveals an intricate, complex, and beautiful process taking place on the surface of a soap bubble. Mesmerising waves of abstracted colour open a plethora of readings: swirling waves are reminiscent of a lava lamp, of a climatological series of events where heat is at the core. The colours, ranging from scorching oranges to gas-flame blue, suggest temperature and change. Indeed, when a bubble dies the colours will slowly become less intense until the white, almost lactic material can be seen washing across the screen. Throughout the work, bubbles come and go - some last for a second while others linger on. There is something of the supernova in the work, of a star coming to the end of its life. In the context of (the larger suite of works) ‘Borrowed Time’, Avail touches on the fact that perhaps we are witnessing epic events on an environmental scale - standing on the precipice watching the edges deteriorate around us."

Jamie Hanton

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