Heather Hayward

Café, Wellington Airport, New Zealand (2013)

1 min 2 secSingle channel / Digital Video / Colour / Sound

"A man in a light box has his back turned to the skater, as does a woman serving coffee. This screen on screen hand-held film, an everyday tableau, is loaded with silent interactions but for a murky caffeine request and an indecipherable airport hum. I watch the filmer film with a shaky hand watching café patrons watch a skater and the judges watching the skater also and everything rolls on, keeps moving, is in motion. The bodies are desiring bodies, bodies earning wages and in transit and spending and consuming and skating and judging skating; bodies interacting directly and indirectly, watching and not watching one another. And are all, by a conspicuous overhead sign, titled COFFEE."

Sophie Bannan

Description: One screen, video installation with ambient audio
Exhibition Mode: Projection or monitor, continuous loop
Media details: 1080p HD (16:9)

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