Gray Nicol

C.U. Madonna (2009)

6 min 45 secSingle channel / Digital Video / Colour / Sound

“I was interested in the the theme of a woman and a male child—even in similar pre-Christian images of Venus and Cupid, Aphrodite and Eros, etc."

Gray Nicol

Choral music ushers in an image of an image of mother and child who are sculpted in relief. The camera loving tracks over the rapture of the mother, whose eyes are closed, and the child, whose eyes are open. The music cross fades to a South Pacific vocal chorus accompanied by drums, and the image radically flickers in synergy with the pulsing energy of the music. From darkness the image of the boy appears as a translucent figure staring at the camera.

Part of a suite of video works made in 2009 by Nicol which were based on portraits of people whom he recalled from memory and attempted to represent through sculpture, video and time.

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