Sam Hamilton

David Attenborough Presents: the History of Evolution / the Evolution of History (2013)

Single channel / 8mm / transferred to Digital Video / Colour / Silent

"David Attenborough Presents: The History of Dirty Laundry / The Dirty History of Laundry / The Dirty Laundry and History is part of a series of single-take, full super 8 cartridge length performance works under the umbrella title ‘David Attenborough Presents’. The series uses David Attenborough as a contextual proxy for critiquing the deeply permeated Western European (particularly British) tendency to ideologically subjugate the external world, even when we think we think we're observing it without bias. As a descendent of, and de facto—albeit reluctant—agent of the British colonial project, the series functions as a space for playfully reckoning with these cultural inheritances and problematising their often hypercritical ideological foundations."

- Artists' Statement

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