Sione Faletau

Faka’apa’apa (2020)

30 secSingle channel / Digital Video / Black & White / Silent

One of four videos from Faai Kavei Koula, a projection mapping sculpture work made in 2020.

Faai Kavei Koula translates to the Four Golden Pillars. These are based on Tongan values of 'Ofa—Love, Tauhi Va—Nurturing relationships; Loto to—Humility; Faka'apa'apa—Respect. These were the findings of my Doctoral research on Tongan Masculinity from an Indigenous perspective.”

- Sione Faletau

Faai Kavei Koula was made by the artist using the Pacific research methodology of Talanoa, meaning to converse, relate or talk about ideas. Faletau conducted over 140 talanoa, and found the Faai Kavei Koula were recurrent themes in the talanoa.

"“I decided to create kupesi from the text or forms of the words and projected them on to sculptural forms of 45 degree triangles. The 45 degree triangles represent the angular bodily arrangements of mens performance. When men perform they stand with bent knees at 45 degrees this renders the performance masculine and makes the performer seem strong and masculine. This can be seen as the haka stance when the All Blacks do the Haka. Notice the knees being bent at such an angle. In the same way Tongan men perform in this stance when doing traditional Tongan performance.”

- Sione Faletau

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