Jo Bragg

Future Love (2020)

5 min 50 secSingle channel / Digital Video / Colour / Sound

"Future Love is my first intentional experiment with the purpose of ‘anti-social performance’, which has become the central tenet of my performance work over the past two years. The extended cut of the closing scene sees me sitting inert on a couch drinking wine and smoking. After an extended period of time without making eye contact, saying or doing anything, I simply get up and leave the frame. It is worthy of note that when displayed for the first time inside Monash’s MADA Gallery, the work was displayed at cinematic scale. The content of the work and the scale are set in intentional opposition, at one time emphatic of the works 'importance’, this domineering spatial quality is challenged by the fact that very little is actually happening. Future Love draws inspiration from Jack Halberstam's conversation about 'Radical Passivity' in The Queer Art of Failure - Unbecoming: Queer Negativity/Radical Passivity (2011). Following on from this example, Future Love embraces 'Radical Passivity'; a trans/feminist reframing of passivity as a site of power, rather than a sign of submission and weakness."

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