Theo Macdonald

I Assume David Bowie Eats Spaghetti Every Single Meal (2015)

4 min 5 secSingle channel / Digital Video / Colour / Sound

One of four performance videos produced during a residency at the Auckland artist-run space F U Z Z Y V I B E S, as part of a three month project during which Macdonald occupied the persona of David Bowie. Select videos within the series were later installed as part of the group exhibition The Tomorrow People (2017), at Wellington's Adam Art Gallery.

"With [his] pared back ensemble, Macdonald’s imitation fails to convince. His suit is the wrong colour, dark regrowth is visible beneath the artist’s dyed blonde hair. There’s a clumsiness to Macdonald’s gestures, too [...] Macdonald’s clumsiness seems to suggest a devotion to his subject more than anything else. These gestures are sincere, unaffected, and take seriously the libidinal investment popular culture elicits."

Simon Gennard

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