Holly Walker

Ice to water - body to body (2018)

29 min 59 secSingle channel / Digital Video / Colour / Sound

The ice burns my skin

freezes to my skin,                         i still want it to stick.

the marks made here will heal.

the ice hard will melt away.

I love you to let you go

I love you with all the heat of my body to let you go.

solid to liquid

body to body.

For R.R. and for me.

- HW

“This is heartbreak art. This work is for the end of a romantic love. Sorry to be so clichéd. In this work, I used the sheets from my and my ex-partners bed to nurse and melt a block of ice with my body. The ice in this work resembled what once was solid and felt to be fixed, being melted down through the energy and heat of my body and the emotional labour of nursing it away. It was important that the water from the ice, joined a larger body of water, the river, that would take the water out to the sea. The transition of shifting from my body to the body of the ocean. The work is intended as a ritualistic act of personal closure.”

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