Jo Bragg

one thing leads to another and back again. (2016)

4 min 42 secSingle channel / Digital Video / Colour / Sound

"Set predominately in the intimate domestic space of the artists bedroom, 'One Thing Leads to Another and Back Again' is anchored by the repetition of a single action. Often the antagonist in each work, Bragg has instead preferred to permeate in aloofness, as she and a male counterpart leave one and other, one after the other, out two of the bedrooms adjacent windows. This repetition of action is interrupted only by flickerings of the urban spaces surrounding the artist's home, to suggest days and nights passing between the two.

Originally exhibited as part of break me/harder at RM Gallery, Auckland, 04-24 August 2016, this work was made in response to the curator's recent break up."

Artist's statement

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