Xi Li

Ritual of Subject (installation overview) (2021)

4 channel installation / Digital Video / Colour / Sound

Ritual of Subject, a multimedia installation consisting of four separate digital videos and a 3D printed sculpture, was included in Artspace Aotearoa's exhibition Cruel Optimism: New Artists Show (2021).

Ritual of Subject presents four things that are commonly desired paranoidly under contemporary notions of capitalism and consumer society: fitness, sexuality, consumer symbols, and idol worship; and, based on Jacques Lacan's theory of "Objet petit a" systematically constructs a narrative scene that corresponds to it.”

- Xi Li

This overview consists of five combined previews of the multi-channel work and the sculpture that sat at their centre.

·       Video 1: The Flattering of Physical Changes (2021)

·       Video 2: The Anti-enjoyment Mentality of Abstinence (2021)

·       Video 3: The Grotesque of Consumer Symbols (2021)

·       Video 4: The Idol Worship of Cynic (2021)

·       Video 5: Digital preview of Aggregate of Desires (2021)

All works are in 4K video and are 20 seconds long.

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