Jo Bragg

To the Unknown Splendour of Being (2020)

50 seconds loopedSingle channel / Digital Video / Colour / Sound

"To the Unknown Splendour of Being is a video displayed on a large-scale television hung portrait. Hanging the television portrait is intended to reference my iphone, as this is where all of the audio and video for this piece are sourced from. The video has a text embedded, the text is a love poem made up of scrambled notes written in my iphone Notes App. Adhered to the screen are six semi-clear colourful A4 vinyl prints titled Future Love sides A-F, which block the viewing of this video and text underneath. This work—the video, text and vinyl prints—work together, or rather, against eachother as a strategy toward  ‘incoherence, illegibility and disruption' as queer tactics. The disorientation caused by this method of display is, very much, attempting to action ‘incoherence, illegibility and disruption’ as useful aims in work that considers itself queer."

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