Jo Bragg

wherever our river ran ( i ran to, i ran too) (2016)

2 min 39 secSingle channel / Digital Video / Colour / Sound

A series of abrupt cuts in memory, action and location are connected via the artist's recollections of adolescence.

"Jordana Bragg’s wherever our river ran (i ran to, i ran too) (2016) evokes that most vulnerable of states; childhood. In a series of abrupt cuts of memory, action and location, the artist delivers spoken word recollections of adolescent trauma. Standing and kneeling in a suburban backyard, the artist shivers, trembles and shakes, a compulsive horror at odds with the supposedly safe space of ‘home’... Bragg reworks the past to undermine its power; a resistance through re-enactment, this time with the camera as witness."

Mark Williams from the essay A Little Faith (2017) for Govett Brewster Art Gallery

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