For Educators

Do I need to log in, register or create an account to watch the video?


How can I make a playlist of selected works?

A playlist is a selection of works from the site. You can create a collection of works by theme, year, artist or whatever you choose.

How can students deepen their understanding of artist moving image work?

For students learning about the form of artists’ moving image, we recommend our podcast. This format presents the artist in an informal context, discussing how they make work, and develop ideas in a day-to-day studio practice.

Safety on site

Some work onsite comes with a content warning. We strongly recommend that all educators preview any material before using it in a classroom context, and if necessary, inform students of any content that may be offensive or triggering to some individuals.

How to screen a work in the classroom

Works can be watched on a computer, or screened through a projector. Check whether the work is silent or sound. You will need speakers.

  • Search for and select a work from ‘Streaming videos’.

  • Select the arrows on the bottom right of the work to enter full screen mode.

  • Click the arrow to view the work.

Video resolution

All works on CIRCUIT are presented for the purposes of preview and study only. Full resolution versions are screened in an exhibition context. However, we are confident that all works on site are watchable for educational purposes.

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The site is designed for easy use in the lecture theatre or classroom and we love it when you do!

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