Ben Holmes

b. 1973

Ben Holmes is an Auckland based artist whose practice incorporates music/sound, video and performance. His work often draws on common pre-rational sound devices and effects that permeate everyday culture as a springboard for setting up different kinds of experiential ‘games’. He commonly incorporates different forms participation – or suggested participation within varying game set ups.

Much of his video work is borne from an interest in 'subconscious' attempts to evade, subvert and undermine various myriad forms of social conformity by way of exploring mundane personal experience, neurosis and fantasy via a kind of masked persona.

In 2007 he received an MA from AUT, and subsequently has taught inter-media art, writing, music and music theory in various contexts. He also has a long-standing professional experience as a musician/composer/performer in various contexts including theatre, dance, film and bands.

Selected exhibitions

Behind the Shops, The Audio Foundation, Auckland

On top of the mountain, New Zealand Film Archive, Auckland

On top of the mountain, New Zealand Film Archive, Wellington
One on One, Auckland Old Folks Association Hall

Lazy Susan, St Paul St Gallery, Auckland