Samuel Ostermann

"Working with a sort of personal 4th Estate my experimental video's show a New Zealand that is vacated and alone. Using the technology of the just past to critically situate everything in a sort of permanently outdated landscape of the mind. In love with the music movement of New York City's Punk Rock my work poses a similar question to any viewer who finds the power of pictures a much more direct way to experience art. My mission as an artist is to explore art with the technology of the future. As an agent of (what might be termed) Post-Theory, I am using the transient nature of video-art to aggressively dethrone the guiding principles of NZ artistic and film practices. Rather than producing a single point of view or individual my work upsets the nature of heroes or idols actively and replaces them with a greater sense of "worldness" and in the process creates a space for you to be yourself. Along with that I consider the roles people take in order to build a character that is what you could think of as a nameless (interestingly of unspecified sex) member of the crowd of humanity." - SO

CIRCUIT Projects

CIRCUIT Distributors Screening, Oberhausen Short Film Festival, Germany (2017)

Selected Exhibitions

Black Lands, CIRCUIT Distributors Screening, Oberhausen Short Film Festival, Germany

2011 Samuel Ostermann, RM, Auckland

2010 4 video art-works by Samuel Ostermann, NZ Film Archive, Auckland

2003 New Artists, StarkWhite, Auckland

2003 Paradise Club, St. Kevin's Arcade, Auckland