Daddy Doo


Commissioned for the NZ Film Archive’s Wellington Mediaplex, Daddy Doo employed 7 looping DVDs (of different lengths) on 7 discrete monitors. Daddy Doo takes Galloway’s earlier Sadie Wrestling as its starting point, with an interest in like themes of parental play, the politically incorrect and the comedically compromised masculinity of the caregiver father. Galloway extends these themes through a plethora of scenarios until the barrage of discrete loops affects a sense insane multitasking.


Camera: Bryce Galloway, Jakki Newton and Mike Heynes
Performers: Bryce Galloway, Sadie Galloway and Esther Galloway
Music supplied with permission from Crude, Disasteradio, Golden Axe, and Head Like A Hole
Technical support: Mike Heynes