Lazy Sunday


"Set in a cafe that was once a chain CD store and starring an artist who once wanted to be a musician, Fleury sings an improvised one-take cover of Robyn’s 2018 song Honey. Meanwhile, an employee of the cafe creates a series of interventions and lo-fi crafts out of items found around the cafe.

Lazy Sunday considers the implications embodied in the gesture of a remake/cover, setting this up as an analogy for the outmoding of technology and business models. With our heart on our sleeve, what does a cover say about how we use our tastes to distinguish ourselves from others?

No, you’re not gonna get what you want." - Artist Statement

Lazy Sunday was produced as part of the installation Slow Cover, a collaboration with Sabina Rizos-Shaw, exhibited at play_station, Wellington September 2020. See full documentation of the collaborative installation and read Lily McElhones response here.


Performers: Max Fleury, Ehlana Grigg
Photo credit: Hendrix Hennessy-Ropiha