observer (Hive Mind)


"Our perception is limited by a stream of electrical impulses . Our brain is the receptor of information which categorizes experiences based on prior learning. We do not passively perceive, we actively generate. Can we understand something if it is framed by nothing? What is nothing?" - LD

Observer is one of three video channels from Hive Mind, an installation originally presented at the Engine Room, Wellington, 2018. Watch the remaining two channels the word became flesh and we are the gods of our own universe.

Hive Mind was developed through a conversation in images between Laura Duffy and Maddy Plimmer, facilitated by Sean Burn. View the artists online image conversation here. For more info see The Engine Room and Salient.

Installation Shot: Hive Mind, The Engine Room, Massey University, Wellington (2018)


Maddy Plimmer, Sean Burn