When Ben arrives in town he hooks up with his best friend from times past. Quickly picking up where he left off, he resumes his old drug habits, and is introduced to his buddy's new circle of friends, namely his old mate's on/off girlfriend, as well as an amiable sugar daddy. Eager not to be left out, Ben moves in on his buddy's territory, and as the love/hate relationship between the two escalates, the circle begins to disintegrate spectacularly.

This film was redacted from 2002's .OFF.
"In the most startling sequence, the house-proud Graham, completly fucked up, brings a new dimension to kitchen-sink drama in an epic struggle to do the dishes" - Bill Gosden, NZIFF (2002)

Producers: Colin Hodson, Campbell Walker, Diane McAllen
Director/Editor Colin Hodson with Gregory King, Helena Nimmo, George Rose