When Shifter moves out because of overbearing flatmates, he thinks living alone will solve all his problems. But the dynamics of his old relationships keep thrusting themselves into the simple life he seeks. Looking for a new way forward, but stuck in his own loop of unlocatable anxiety, Shifter is continuously thrown back into familiar but unwelcome situations.

"As our eponymous, engaging and elusive lead lives several days in his ordinary/extraordinary life [...] the slightest event, be it an odd dream, or the spilling of a cup of coffee, takes on epic proportions" - Mark Peranson, VIFF, 2000.


Producers: Colin Hodson, Campbell Walker, Diane McAllen
Director/Editor Colin Hodson with Samara McDowell, Johanna Sanders, Diane McAllen, Diane McAllen, Siobhan Garrett