Thomasin Sleigh is CIRCUIT's writer—in—residence for 2022. She will produce a reader responding to Legacies, the 2022 programme of CIRCUIT Artist Cinema Commissions. The reader will accompany touring iterations of the show, and be available via the CIRCUIT website as a free pdf download.

Thomasin Sleigh is writer, art critic, and editor. She has written about visual art and culture for many publications including CIRCUIT, Un Magazine, Eyeline, Art Asia Pacific, The Pantograph Punch, and Runway. She has published two novels with Lawrence & Gibson, Ad Lib (2014), and Women in the Field, One and Two (2018).

Legacies is a programme of five artist works responding to a series of prompts by curator May Adadol Ingawanij. For the reader Sleigh has identified one specific provocation for contributors to the publication — 'What does a legacy taste, smell, sound, feel, or look like?'

As each artist continues to work towards making the final film for the premiere at Artspace in August 2022, they have been invited to contribute to the reader by presenting as aspect of their working process. The nature of the form is imagined as "a short written response­, or some images, or a song, a recipe, a story, or anything that this question prompts for you". Alongside the artists, the reader will include fiction and an essay.

The reader will be launched at Artspace Aotearoa in August 2022.

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