Six videos for TEZA

Picture House (2013)

6 videos programmed in response to 6 daily provocations by the festival TEZA (Transitional Economic Zone of Aotearoa). Each work was shown for 1 day only in Picture House, a two-seated cinema in a mobile billboard trailer created by Makeshift Studios.

Themes, Artists and Works
1) Optimism doesn’t need a permit - Rebecca Ann Hobbs, 246 metre bridge (2010)
2) Nature knows no waste - Steve Carr, Burn Out (2009)
3) What are you worth? - Lucien Rizos, Musicians at Work (2010)
4) What does occupation look like? - Claire Harris, Born in Gore (2011)

5) Lets bring art and people closer together - Layne Waerea, An unsuccessful attempt at chasing fog (2012)
6) Put the new back in New Brighton - Murray Hewitt, Barbara (2008)