Six videos for TEZA

Picture House (2013)

6 videos programmed in response to 6 daily provocations by the festival TEZA (Transitional Economic Zone of Aotearoa). Each work was shown for 1 day only in Picture House, a two-seated cinema in a mobile billboard trailer created by Makeshift Studios.

Themes, Artists and Works
1) Optimism doesn’t need a permit - Rebecca Ann Hobbs, 246 metre bridge (2010)
2) Nature knows no waste - Steve Carr, Burn Out (2009)
3) What are you worth? - Lucien Rizos, Musicians at Work (2010)
4) What does occupation look like? - Claire Harris, Born in Gore (2011)

5) Let's bring art and people closer togetherLayne Waerea, An unsuccessful attempt at chasing fog (2012)
6) Put the new back in New BrightonMurray Hewitt, Barbara (2008)