Bryce Galloway

Dirty Dirt (2019)

3 min 47 secDigital Video / Sound

"As with much of Galloway’s art, the video to accompany the Wendyhouse song Dirty Dirt (Galloway / EE monk) grew out non-art experience, namely the construction of ad hoc face-wear as a form of low rent clowning during dinner parties et al. Galloway’s not the only person prone to fidgeting with champagne wires, party hats and napkins on such occasions, but he may be more likely than most to start adding foodstuffs and fashioning face-wear. All the objects used in the video were simply "at hand”.

Similarly ad hoc and childlike gestures inhabit Galloway’s earlier video works, along with the music of Wendyhouse; a band that started life playing toy musical instruments only. The beats and keys of a toy Casiotone keyboard are still signature to the sound of Wendyhouse, and dominate the accompanying song."

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