Xi Li

Spirit Ether (2021)

15 min 54 secSingle channel / Digital Video / Colour / Sound

Spirit Ether visualises the contradictions of modernity under capitalism. The work unfolds in a non-linear narrative structure, depicting the modern social form and spiritual civilization. It presents a panorama of capital logic, full of visual symbols and dazzling scenes.

In Li’s practice, the boundary between simulation and reality is collapsed, making it hard for people to make a clear distinction between the two.

“Using visual representation as a means to achieve a comprehensive and in-depth attack and subversion of capital logic, the purpose of Spirit Ether is to use capital logic to criticise itself through the characteristics of image narration. It is my attempt to stimulate using the dominant visual signifiers of capital logic.

Capital logic is the material power and spiritual power that dominates all areas of modern life; the radiant light and the spirit ether that guides the human heart."

- Xi Li

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