Janine Randerson

Waiho, Retreat (2017)

3 min 19 secSingle channel / 2 channel installation / Digital Video / Colour / Sound

This film follows the Waiho river, formed from the glacial meltwater from Ka Roimata o Hinehukatere (Franz Josef glacier). In Te reo Māori, Waiho means ‘to let be’ or ‘leave alone.’ In Ngāi Tahu cosmology the glacier is formed from the tears of the deity Hinehukatere. Live sound recordings from the glacier and Waiho river form the sound composition.

There are few living beings in this grey water, yet it is alive. Since 2008, Ka Roimata o Hinehukatere has retreated one and a half kilometers, following a period of advance in the 1990s; a sensitive barometer of climatic shifts in a warming world.

Performer Tru Paraha appears and disappears in this shifting cryosphere.

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